Project Description

Elton John Miller

Grass Lake, Michigan

Hello Mr. E. J. Potter And Family,

I just wanted to write you and  thank you for the tractor pulling events that you did for me as a boy only 13 years old 1973.  At Saline Michigan out came the ugley tractor and from that moment on I knew I wanted to do that.  Well as time goes by and by, I couldn’t wait for the gairs to see you pull.  Boy, it sure sounded good, and then we herd you were doing a lot of other things and got out of pulling.  Well, it’s now 2010 and I am 49, and finally built my own mini mod. and been pulling on a local level with tri-state mini pullers.  We been pulling for only 3 years with about 10 pulls per year.  Nort Adams, Waldron. Camdem, and some in Ohio.  But I have to tell you, it was worth all the overtime and busted knuckles.  That first run, and the ones after. I still get nervous, and still get the goose-bumps when it fires up.  So when I typed in EJ Potter on the computer there you were I am going to visit the Gilmore Museum to see your motorcycles.  I also want to personally thank your daughter for calling me back.  It will be a real honor to have your book and DVD.  Now myself we’re just hard working people who love motors and the challenge of trying to put something together and have it work well.  So to the Potters I thank you for this and if you have any advise for me for pulling or if you are receiving guests or just wanted to vist, please call.  I am a good listener and if not I understand.  Thanks Again and God Bless and take care.