Project Description

S. J. Markovich

Dear Mr. Potter,

I am writing to request a copy of your book. I would also ask that you sign it, to my friend Ritchie. Ritchie is a huge fan of yours; I have heard him talk about your exploits, and history, on many occasions. He lent me a copy of your book, after telling me, of your adventures. Unfortunately I have misplaced his copy, and am writing to you, to order a replacement. I felt very bad about my mishandling his copy, of your book.  Especially since he told me earlier, that he also had your video, that he had lent, to a family member, which was also lost. He wanted to loan me that video, because he was enthusiastic about that as well.

Ritchie is a great person, and good friend. He has experienced some difficult situations, but you would never know it by his demeanor.

I hope that you will sign your book to Ritchie, with your signature.


Steve Markovich
Aug. 18, 2010