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MICHIGAN MADMAN: As Told To You – Second Edition – Book

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EJ Potter.
Known as the Michigan Madman…
By far and wide, a racing legend.

If you're looking to read about some wildly entertaining tales of a unique character with some really cool ideas, then you've come to the right place!

Most famously known for his machinery, contraptions and inventions dating back to the 1960’s, he made his debut as a youngster fresh out of high school, crashing into the racing world, taking it by storm!
Well-known for his mechanical genius and undying determination to learn more about machinery, his ever-present desire to find the answer to “what happens when I do this?” would soon lead him to becoming a racing icon in homes all across the map, that would even spread around the globe…

Let's just say he wasn't very often in one place for too long….and there was scarcely a  dull  moment, for those around him!

LOUD, FAST, POWERFUL, SMOKE, FIRE….(just not usually pretty!)

And so, because of the nature of this one-of-a-kind….even today, his legend lives on, as it will for many years to come, as one of the craziest cats there ever was!

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by EJ Potter

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